We know that some women find the prospect of business networking quite daunting.  Why not visit an Athena group near you and find out what it is really like …?

Please see a list of The Athena Network® existing groups and venues below.  We would be delighted to explain how you can visit or become a member of The Athena Network®.  Please call us on 0845 004 9262 for more information.

We are confident that we can help you grow your business.  You’ll be amazed at who you will meet when you come to a business networking lunch.

Once you have advised us which group you would like to visit by filling in the form on in each group details we will send you an email that prepares you for the meeting.  The email will provide hints and tips to get the most from the lunch meeting … we want to make sure that you experience the benefit of growing your business before you have stepped into one of our lunch meetings.

We encourage you to form friendships within the group as well as working relationships.

If you know another woman in business who would benefit from attending one of our meetings then please let us know or encourage them to make contact with us.
Not a group currently in your area?

Email us at and let us know where you would like to see a group launched.

We are recruiting Regional Directors, ladies who wish to invest in a rewarding business.

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What Athena Members Say …

Vanessa Stottor

“Athena has rocked my world! Athena is the full package – contacts, fun, supportive, motivating, training and development, inspiring, and a respect for each other. I love how I have been able to help others. Most importantly Athena has played a huge part in the growth of me and my family!” Vanessa Stottor Beauty Consultant & Inspirational Trainer

Laurenne Dorgan

“Athena, for me, has been a great support network. Athena has given me a huge sales force and a network of businesses I can depend upon and lastly some truly great friends” Laurenne Dorgan Printer & Graphic Designer

Cathy Strudwick

“Joining Athena was my best investment. Most importantly after 25 years in a corporate environment where I was at ease with what I was doing, I was starting something completely new. I received wonderful support and encouragement from my Regional Directors and also from other members. Without them I think I might have given up! After 3 years my business has grown and I have made some very good friends and contacts”. Cathy Strudwick Health Insurance

Frances Bodington

“The Athena Network provides the support system and the feeling of ‘belonging’ for sole traders who can often feel lonely and isolated”.